Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Phantom Writer

Apologies for my lack of input; had a nasty chest infection that's required two different courses of antibiotics to treat it.

I am not however the phantom writer in question. That would be one Richard Castle. As some of you may already know Richard Castle is the lead character in the TV series 'Castle'. The character is a mystery writer seeking inspiration for his next book. He meets NYPD detective Kate Beckett and she becomes the inspiration for his new series of books centred on a fictionalized version of Beckett called (much to Beckett's horror) Nikki Heat.

So far so slightly confusing. Where things get truly strange is that as the show proved popular (currently in Season 5) someone decided that it would be a good idea to make the various Nikki Heat titles mentioned in the series into actual books; so the fictional works about a fictional detective based on the adventures of a different fictional detective are now real.

I find it somehow disconcerting that a non-existent author has more works published than I do...

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