Monday, 12 August 2013

Syfy Why?

Apologies for the length of time since the last post; been in a bit of a slump and didn't really feel like posting. Tonight though I'm lifting my spirits with a good old fashioned rant on a topic dear to my heart; why are Syfy original movies so terrible?

To be clear this is a writing blog so I'm not going to complain about the effects(they don't really qualify for the prefix 'special') or the acting; in fact given the limits of budgets those are often at least adequate. No my issue is with the plots and scripts that give the impression of having been created by randomly cutting and pasting together pieces of files found on some abandoned computer.

And to clarify further this isn't about the science fiction elements; I enjoy science fiction in general and I like Warehouse 13 which is also from Syfy. No my problem is with the lack of logic and coherence in the plots; its about sharks leaping from the water to bite helicopters, its about gigantic secret chambers under Stonehenge that nobody noticed until about five minutes ago, and the way they take some buzzwords from a popular science article and have them do what the writer thinks they should based on how they sound.

What makes it truly galling is that I wonder just how hard it would be to find a halfway coherent script to make a decent movie? Is it really that difficult to come up with something better than a two headed shark or something that seems to consist of someone pairing 'tornado' with some other random word and then coming up with a plot to fit it?

You have to imagine that they channel has been bombarded with scripts from people who've watched the movies and thought 'I can do better', and probably did. Why this addiction to incoherence and outright stupidity? Anyone???