Saturday, 29 June 2013


Right at the moment I'm rather becalmed as far as writing goes; as I said previously Different Skies and Secession campaign are being proofread at the moment so I can't really do anything with them at the moment. On Thursday lunchtime I was working on Fourth Planet Problem on my tablet and I must have touched the wrong part of the screen because it went back to the main menu and when I reopened the app I'd lost all the writing I'd done!

So now I'm in the midst of a four day weekend and not really in a writing mood; it happens from time to time. What actually helps is often just to write something, anything, just to get some momentum going; which is mainly why I'm writing this post at the moment. :)

I've never really experienced writers block; certainly had moments where I didn't know where to take a story and had to hammer away until I saw a way to make things work. It's usually a sign that I'm trying to take the plot in a direction it doesn't want to go and once I do what it wants everything is fine.

Anyway having warmed up here I'm off to tackle T4PP once more!

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