Sunday, 7 July 2013

Too Much Time?

So up until Wednesday it was a pretty ordinary week at work; then late in the afternoon it came to a sudden, and permanent halt. Things had not been going well for a while and a group of us were summoned to a meeting and given redundancy notices. Not exactly good news but I choose to see it as being on-board an aircraft where both wings have come off and grabbing a parachute rather than being aboard when it slams into the ground.

One positive side effect of this is of course more time available to write. problem with that though is that its all too easy to lose track of time when the familiar structure of the day has been removed. When you can sit down and write at any time it becomes all too easy to postpone it for five minutes, which can readily turn into five hours if you aren't careful.

It comes down to that other key requirement in writing; discipline. You have to make yourself write even when they are distractions or when your not in the mood. I tend to find that once I get started I build up momentum and it can be hard to stop. Of course it will be interesting to see how well I can follow my own advice in the coming days...

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